I haven’t worked on genealogy for almost a month. So today I have added some surnames to my list of names. I haven’t gone into detail but if you see a name you think may belong to your genealogy, give me a shout, and I can tell you where it fits in with my line.

family tree                              family record

I will be working on the names in the future. As you know most families had a dozen kids and then when they married you get two dozen names to contend with. AND from there it just branches out and branches out. Thus you have a genealogy tree! With lots of branches and plenty of nuts! I know I have my share.

I’m still working on my DNA matches and at this point I’m sure the two names that keep showing up are the link to my paternal side of myself. I just have to figure out who went to visit my mother in Minnesota. She forgot to leave me clues!

And I’ve started the second book. Hopefully it will end up being a memoir. Still waiting on a publisher for Katie. So there you have it. My schedule and I need to get with it.

Until then……………………………..

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