Another year is coming to an end. They seem to be coming sooner each year. I guess I’m having too much fun, you think?

As I go through each day, week, month, it seems I get busier with the little things of life. The house has to be cleaned, dogs groomed, laundry, mow the lawn, water the flowers, cook meals, and ironing, I can’t forget that awful chore, ironing.

My Bible sits on the corner of my desk but by the end of the day it gets covered up with stacks of paper and even a book or two. I don’t read it like I should. Oh, I do read a devotionals, I write devotionals, (only with God’s help, and I wonder why helps me when I’m not in His word like I should be), and I do pray. I pray in the shower, while I’m driving, or whenever the mood hits me.

But, this is the end of the year. My time to give thanks to Him who walks with me each second of the day. My Redeemer, my anchor, healer, confidant, and my King. Thank you, Lord for my husband. The man You gave me to comfort me, wipe away my tears, and hold me in times of stress. The man who protects me, makes sure I have all I need or want. And in most cases it is more the wants than the needs. Thank you.

hugging my manare the girls watching mebeautiful brody sleepingso cutetheir christmas programblue eyesEthan

Thank you, Lord, for my health. I know I could loose some weight, but all in all, I am pretty healthy. Very rarely get sick. Thank you.

Thank you, Lord, for the love of my family. You said to be fruitful and multiply and I did my best. Children grow up fussing amongst themselves and mine tried to keep up with the Jones’s in that field. But, even though my children are spread out all over the states, they do call, send cards, and in this day and age, text. It’s good this old lady knows how to do that! AND the grandchildren. I am so very blessed to have 17 and 10 great grandchildren. Who would have thought! Thank you.

Bowman with dolphinsbaby b with mommyEthan and Hunter making facesaustin and clay at weddingbeautiful familymy grandson Chris Luckettday with daughter

Thank you, Lord, for my husband’s job. For the house I live in, and all the stuff that keeps me entertained. But most of all, for the ability to give back to others that are less fortunate. Thank you.


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