my messy desk.

Now is this a working girl’s desk or what! I used to get upset with my hubby’s stacks of work on his desk. Now—-well now, look at mine. Genealogy, DNA sheets, and writing. All stacks.

Two years ago I put together the first “Green” family reunion. I had stacks and stacks of printed pages that I put into books for everyone. I wanted to share pictures, documents, and the genealogy register for everyone. Now I’m putting one together for a cousin (I think it’s probably a 5th to 8th) that wasn’t able to make the reunion. He gave me quite a bit of information about his side of the family, of which, I didn’t have. So, it’s only right to share the information I have on the rest of the family.  I’m not one for hoarding it all to myself.

Now I’m deeply engrossed in DNA. I’m close, maybe I’m close, to finding out who my biological father is. It’s really entailing, but I’m committed. By golly, by gum, I will find out who he is, how he met my mother, and all those other things about him.

Last, but really not least, I am on the last leg of rewrites of my novella. Almost six years in writing this. You’re probably asking yourself six years for a novella. Well, yes, but, family, and so on has encroached on some of that time. Plus, it’s a historical fiction and I really want to make sure I have my facts pretty accurate. I have to keep checking to make sure I have it right. One thing about family, I would not take back any of the time I’ve spent with them. They are first and foremost in my life!

So with all of that said, I guess I’d better get with it and get to finishing my rewriting.

Until then……………………………..

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