paper and pen

I’m totally exhausted! I’ve accumulated stacks of paper, loads of names, dates, places, and I’m still not any closer to finding my biological father.

I know I’m in the right vicinity, place if you will, but just can’t quite hit the mark. I have three people listed on my DNA with the same great, great, grandparents. Two are listed as my third cousins and the third is a fourth cousin. All of the people I’ve traced live in Iowa, close to the Minnesota border. My mother lived in southern Minnesota. Someone had to cross the state line!

Anyway, it’s time to sit back, take a break, let my mind rest, then tackle it again. That will leave more time for me to finish my novella. I’m so close. It’s at the editors. I’m finishing up the last two chapters and it’s finished. It’s only taken me about four years…….oh my!

The novella could have been finished earlier but yes, I let the DNA search push it to the back burner. Once you start tracing history, or at least once I start tracing history, I get lost. I put blinders on and I see nothing but names, places, dates. The why did they go here or there. It’s fascinating. Intriguing. Adventurous.

Another big project is trying to put together my husband’s ancestry. Most of it is done, to a point, then putting it in book form. Whew…..I have so much paper. I should have taken out stock in paper and ink!

So I really do need to get to work. More later.

Until then………………….

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