DNA Works

Well here it is, a little over ten years, and I finally found out FOR SURE that Wyburn is not my father.  Process of elimination!  One of his daughters agreed to take the test to help me out.  I am forever grateful for her consenting to do that.  We’ve agreed from here on out we are sisters in spirit.  I’m fine with that.  I am at peace knowing that now I can go on and still look for my biological father.  Oh my, where to start?

I’m beginning to think my mother did not know who my father was as she was very friendly with three men (Mama Mia) at the time I was conceived.  First, there was the man she was married to, Roy Eisentrager.  He was stationed at Camp Cleburne, LA but home on leave.

Then there was Bud Wyburn.  From different accounts a man who wore a black leather jacket and rode a motorcycle.  He liked to dance and I’m sure my mother met up with him to shake a leg.  She also liked to dance. Bud was listed in the divorce papers as having an affair with my mother and there was a child born from that affair.

Last but not least, there was Junior Waverly.  From the pictures she kept of Junior I feel she was quite close to him.  In one picture he is wearing a military uniform and it says under his picture “Junior Waverly, soldier boy from Waterloo”.  Very nice looking gentleman with light colored hair, probably close to six feet tall.  Had a small mustache, something like David Niven’s (an old movie star in the 30’s and 40’s).

So now you have it.  Three men.  Which one is it?  Process of elimination, DNA, we can rule out Wyburn.  Now we have two men.  Waverly and Eisentrager.  Now to get to work.

I do hope this does not take ten years to solve!  I’m not getting any younger.    Maybe someone out there recognizes Junior’s picture.


So it’s onward going through more dna results, ancestry.com, and whatever else I can do to figure this out.  Will keep you posted.  Until then…………………………….


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