I am really excited……so excited……about DNA.  I’m not saying I’ve figured it all out, but each day it gets a wee bit easier to figure out mine and my family’s.  Yes, I have found my biological father through DNA.  And it’s taken a very long time, but well worth every bit of it.

First of all, I was ready to give up because I didn’t know if I was really on the right track.  I had a name and there again, I wasn’t quite sure if I could figure out if I was right or wrong.  Oh my, I’m confusing you, aren’t I.  I’m confused!

I’m not going to go into every little detail but if you had followed my other blog (which I cannot EVEN log into any more) you would know more about my journey.  But just recently when I thought I’d exhausted all efforts of finding the right person, my cousin (who hasn’t shown up on my matches) and I were having the same names come up as matches.  Then the day I saw where I had a third cousin match and she came up on my cousin’s as a distant cousin, I was sure I had the right person as my father.  WHEW!!!

Do I still have you confused?  Like the snake said to the little Indian boy in Jungle Book “Trust Me”!  I found him.  Of course, there were quite a few other things that came into the equation on finding him such as:  he was named in my mother’s divorce papers as having an affair with her and from that affair there was a child born, which was my birthday.  Then there was a small tidbit, the family my mother worked for and was good friends with; I am convinced that, that family was related to my father’s brother-in-law and both of them could have been visiting, hence, him and my mother met that way.  My biological father’s great grandmother was full blooded Sauk Indian.  When I got my DNA back I had one percent Native American blood.  Another sign……I was on the right trail! 

What it boils down to, you have to be a good detective.  Follow every single lead.  Follow your gut feeling, sometimes that proves out right.  Don’t believe everything you hear as the truth.  Things get distorted through time, but sit down and write it out.  Write the good and the not so good.  Could this have happened this way, or could it have happened that way.  Follow the paper trail.  Yes, I do have a good amount of paper.  I could wall paper my whole house…but I won’t. 

So you see it wasn’t just one thing here, it was quite a few things, with DNA being in the lead.  I will keep you posted.  Who knows, maybe one of his children will do the DNA test.

Until then……………………………….


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